Seadragon Mobile


Microsoft has decided to dip it’s ugly, hairy, nasty ass looking toe in the appstore. And, in all honesty…it’s pretty.


Have you ever had a converstion with someone who continually roles their index finger and thumb together? Even while looking at you straight in the eyes? You know it’s a booger they’re playing with, they know it’s a booger they’re playing with, yet, for some reason they continue to mess with it. Eventually it drops to the floor or they gather the courage to flick it. The conversation continues and no one says a word over what just happened. For some reason it’s socially acceptable to play with boogers. Nobody calls you out when you’re rolling a little nose nugget in your hand, but when you fart, you’re the devil. What does this have to do with Seadragon Mobile? Absolutely nothing. I will say that I highly reccomend you check this app out. You can zoom in really close to some hi-res images that look amazing. Particularly under the Art category.  Don’t miss this one!


AppAttack :D

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