Flying a Cargo plane sans…



(Last night I decided that I would post about X-Plane 9 and what do ya know, Wings came out today. I’m still gonna write about X-Plane but it goes to show how fast the App store is evolving). Let me first share some insight with you all: I HATE flying. I can’t STAND it. Recently, my family and I went to San Francisco. San Francisco is my all time favorite city. I LOVE it. It’s beautiful. But I had to fly to get there. I fear flying and I’ll avoid it at all costs…which is sad. It takes nights of sleepless worrying, pills and booze to help me cope. I don’t know why…I’ve never had a bad flight. I just hate it. Maybe that’s why I love X-Plane so much? I don’t play this game often but when I do, I love it. The developer is working hard on this game and I believe he deserves your hard earned cash. Future updates will make this game even better. Please note that I can’t fly at all in this game. I can barely take off & I’ve never been able to land. Also note that while flying from an “outside looking at the plane” perspective, move the screen with your finger. Took me a few plays before I knew I could do it. Choose “Random Flight” and go from there. There’s not a lot to it but simply flying around the mountains. There’s promises of future updates as well, which shows the developer is working hard on his app, which most don’t do.


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