Aqua Baller


The following is a rather gross story you may prefer to go without. I don’t blame you. It’s a story that I’m using to get a point of cross so continue if you’d like.



Growing up, my brother and I had rabbits. My mom has always been allergic to anything with hair. We never had the joy of owning a cat or a dog…we only had hamsters, salamanders, turtles and rabbits. Basically, anything you could put in a cage, away from my mom. Fortunately for us, neighborhood cats would appear from time to time and we’d feed them, wrestle with them and shave them just like any other kid on the block. One cat in particular would always come around. He was a mangy looking cat but he was friendly. The problem was, that when he would come around looking for food and hugs, my brother’s rabbit would literally hump it’s brains out. That little rabbit would mount that cat like nobodies business and just go to town. And the cat took it…well, to the point of being uncomfortable. Oddly enough, the cat would always come around. Even when we weren’t there. It was like a gay relationship our little Middle School minds couldn’t comprehend. This continued to the point of where our patio was literally covered in rabbit sperm. Being young, we had no clue what it was. I just remember my dad hosing off the patio every morning. Now we understand completely what it was. What I don’t understand is why a company would have this as their icon for their application?! Does that not look like what I just spoke of?! I’m sure the game is fun but the logo is reason enough not to put it on my phone. Someone needs to write them a letter or something….

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  1. December 10th, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    admin says:

    OK, the developer has recently changed the “mysterious glob” on the basketball to a light blue instead of white. But I still wanted to share my rabbit story with you.

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