Ghost Whisperer


I may have told you this before but I’m too lazy to reread my posts…plus I have a terrible memory. That’s why I constantly tell my girlfriend her new haircut looks awful…I don’t remember if I told her the first time. She thinks I’m mean.


My girlfriend runs a paranormal group here in town. They go to places where people have claimed to see a ghost or have other unexplainable stuff happen. They sit in the dark and ask questions like, “Is there someone here?” “Would you like to communicate with us?” or “Please make a sound if you’re there”. You know, no different than the questions I ask while on the toilet. They hope that some ghost will come forward and answer their questions. Same goes for the show Ghost Whisperer…except she can actually see the ghost and they’re most often in a bad mood. The lead character is played by my ex-girlfriend Jennifer L. Hewitt. She does a good job…at least her breast do, so I check it out every now and then. I saw that there was a recent comic book application regarding her show. So of course, I download it just to have a picture of my ex on my phone. The comic itself isn’t bad but I was really hoping for a little more cleavage. If you’re a fan of the show you may enjoy it but if you’re solely a fan of J. Love’s sweater kittens, you’ll be deeply disappointed.


AppNapp :(

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