Before I call it a day (yes, I’m a wimp…but it’s Monday for crying out loud!!! I say that, but honestly, I hate Tuesdays the most…whole other blog…) I want to share with you two podcasts I listen to that regard the iPhone:

Today In iPhone: This guy is great. He doesn’t post podcasts on a set schedule or frequently, for that matter, but he’s a laid back kinda guy that covers what I think are great topics. He even responds right away to emails which must be hard to do if you have a large group of listeners. One complaint I have is the listeners that call in. They talk FOREVER without getting to the point. SPIT IT OUT, already, GEEZ!!! I hate longwinded people on the phone…very rude IMHO. Give him a try and tell me what you think. 


Phone Different: This podcast is equivalent to listening in on two guys in a break room talking about the iPhone. But the only problem is, the break room is out of coffee and it’s 4:45PM in the afternoon and they wanna go home. These guys cover some interesting topics but they need caffeine. They sound bored with the topics at hand but they discuss issues no other podcast does. Though sometimes difficult to listen to in it’s entirety, I enjoy what these guys do.

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