2008 Movie of the Year


We all know what movie was the movie to see this year. With such an evil villain, a beautiful young girl in peril, an almost superhuman hero and a soundtrack that couldn’t have been better, you can’t tell you me didn’t see it. I LOVED the movie so much that I actually saw it twice! It’s coming to dvd Tuesday and I’ll be first in line to buy it…or maybe, I’ll just wake up a few minutes early and download it. Either way, I wish Tuesday would get here quicker. You know what movie I’m talking about, right?



The movie that I’m speaking of (and absolutely agree was the best of 2008) is Mother, the Cornfield Looks Green. Raise your hand if you didn’t see it. That’s RIGHT! I think it made well over 3 million opening weekend? To this day, that scene where Benjamin Lerro’s character is crying in the trash can and Hailey Stephens goes to throw out her college notebooks and the evil Dr. Ganning pops out of the chimney and shoots her in between the eyes, MAN, to this day I get chills. I DID NOT see that coming. Or how about that scene where Olivia Punns is going down the stairwell and Dr. Ganning meets her half way and won’t let her by? Dammit that was good…talk about intense!! My only complaint is that I thought during the hero’s (Matthew Keller) scene where he’s taking a bubble bath and the dog jumps in with him was a little odd. I know he was blind and that the dog gives him super vision, but it was a little too emotional for me. Sorry. That’s my only complaint. Otherwise, EXCELLENT film. I’m betting it takes home 5 Oscars.

Alright, I’m really talking about The Dark Knight. It was an awesome movie in every sense of the word. I would have liked a little more Joker than Two Face simply because Heath Ledger’s acting was incredible. It comes out Tuesday and I’m so excited. I’m a big Batman fan. The Tim Burton Batman movies are the best and the latest are following along perfectly with the dark, moody theme and all…love it! What I don’t like is how I was a sucka and bought the 99c Batmobile game. It’s not fun at all and I say save your dollar. I wish I kept mine for Tuesdays big release…it would have helped.


AppNapp :(    

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