Daydream Believer


I love to daydream. It’s something that I have perfected the art of. Crossing the street, am I looking both ways? Hell no, I’m imagining what it’d be like to date a ballerina. Talking on the phone to my great Aunt, am I paying attention? Hell no, I’m wondering what’d it’d be like if J. Love Hewitt’s limo broke down outside of my parent’s house. It’s just something that I do…and I do it well.



Especially in meetings. In fact, I love it when people talk. The more they talk, the more I daydream. I just zone out completely, their words being like background music to my little fantasy world. For example: this afternoon we had a business meeting discussing a future project. Do I know what was actually said? No! I was living in San Francisco, bringing bread bowels of clam chowder to my new wife (the secretary that works downtown). Funny part is, I tripped and got clam chowder ALL OVER me. My wife came running to my side. We laughed and then went upstairs and made love. I wish you could have been there. I don’t know if it’s my “self proclaimed” ADD or if I just have problems listening to people. I’d rather be in some fantasy world anyways. People talk just to hear themselves talk. iTunes has a wealth of applications designed to help you zone out when you’re overworked or just bored in general. I’ve tried Relax and White Noise, both of which I’d recommend for falling asleep. Relax has really nice images/sounds and White Noise has a butt load of sounds, but, I don’t necessarily say you should get them. Why? Because I can be in another world easily, without the help of anything…or anyone for that matter. You my friend, may be different. You may actually listen to people when they’re talking to you. That’s what makes us different. If you need help not paying attention, these are wonderful. If you can do it without training wheels, save your cash. Before I go watch television i.e. daydream of what it’d be like going to Sea World with Isla Fisher (who?), I have to say:


AppNapp :(    

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