Snail Mail


I bought Snail Mail after reading TouchArcade’s glowing review. Damn you and you’re literary persuasions!! ;)

Snails are cool. Admit it. We’d all like to be one. They sit inside their shells all day, smoking pot and playing Xbox. Then when they get hungry, they simply go downstairs, step outside and slowly make their way to the cabbage patch. They’re in no hurry because they’re the most laid back of all the insects. Grasshoppers wanna be’em and Ladybugs wanna hump’em. Admit it, you wish you were a snail. What they don’t do is race down colorful rollercoaster-like trails, shoot bad guys and collect cosmic mail…that’s just fucking ridiculous. But Snail Mail is honestly a pretty fun game. The controls are done well, the colorful race tracks are fun and it makes for a quick little diversion. Especially if you happen to be a snail and your Xbox has the “red ring” disease.






AppAttack :D

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