I hate skateboarders.

Because skateboarders make it look SO DAMN EASY…and it’s NOT! Back in my college years, Tony Hawk’s videogames (1st & 2nd being the best) were all the rage. We’d stay up ’til the early morning hours slamming down The Beast (Milwaukee’s Best), grinding and railing our way through each level. It looked so easy I thought, that I ended up buying a skateboard from WalMart. So one Saturday afternoon, with Walkman in hand, I went to the top of our parking garage believing I could skate. I was wrong. Doing an ollie is like doing a one armed push up. I couldn’t do it. So I walked away, never to skate again. (We did end up using the board as a “sled” during drunken nights in the parking garage…good times). Not less than a month ago I saw a kid going down the street on an Essboard. And again, he made it look easy as hell. So I dropped 80 bucks and now I have a pulled groin and a dead parakeet…because I couldn’t afford to feed it. Ok, I don’t own a parakeet…but I see that tear in your eye. I wanted you to feel sorry for me and you did. I appreciate it.
Touchgrind is an awesome app I continuely come back to. It’s like picking a scab. Flicking your fingers around the screen to make the board do shit is really addicting. My only complaint is that there are obstacles in the way that keep you from just riding straight. I wish I had the option to turn these off. Some people complain of looking only at the board and not around you. These people are skateboarders and they know how to ride. When I tried picking up skateboarding believe me, all I saw WAS the board (and the sky every now and then). If you like picking your nose I think you’d enjoy this game.



AppAttack :D

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