Tender age in Bloom



While I’m on the topic of apps designed to help you “relax”, I want to bring to your attention Bloom. Designed by Brian Eno and his buddy I can’t honestly say what this app is. If you’ve ever listened to Brian Eno’s album “Music For Airports” then you know exactly what this guy is all about. He makes ambient music that you really don’t hear, come to think of it. It’s music you turn on and forget about while driving down the street only to realize that you have music on in the first place. And that’s what this app is…ambient music. You can create it yourself by touching different parts of your screen OR you can listen to pre-made tracks Eno has done. This app puts me to sleep almost every time I play with it. And here’s why I recommend it: if you’re like me and you think all the time, about everything all the time, you need this. At night while laying in bed with some headphones on, this will knock you into dreamland quicker than fish running away from your finger (catch the tie-in? ;) ).

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