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I met Jennifer Love Hewitt on the set of Party of Five during the summer of ’96. My job at the time was to make sure the square blocks of cheese on the refreshments table didn’t melt together. Being in California, the weather can get pretty hot. She had just finished shooting a scene and was in desperate need of some Skittles and a glass of water.



I didn’t see her coming when she ran into me. The batteries in my handheld fan were running low and I was worried if the cheese squares would make it through Scene 17…it’d be my ass if they didn’t. As I turned around to retrieve more batteries from my fanny pack, BOOM!, we collided face first into each other. I guess you could say sparks flew from that day forward. I don’t know if it was the smell of my Big Red gum or the fact that we did a little “eskimo kiss” during the collision, but we started dating from that day on. It was a good relationship. She was an up and coming actress and I had recently moved up in my job (I was now in charge of keeping pubes off of the seats in the actor’s restrooms). We laugh about this now, but every Saturday morning while brushing our teeth we would sing “C” is for Cookie. It was “our song”…I still listen to it to bring back all the memories. But like all good things, our relationship came to an end in the winter of ’96. We just never saw each other anymore. She was constantly on the set and I was constantly in the bathroom. Our relationship melted like the cheese at the refreshment table. Yes, we talk from time to time. And thanks to the iPhone, I can now keep up with her latest red carpet appearances via Jamd



Who's this guy?



Jamd is like a big photo album of celebrities and other stuff. What I like about it is that you can rummage through the photos like they’re all on a table in front of you. Being a former Cat Fancy photographer, I know what it’s like looking through your photos and this app simulates this perfectly. I also like how the photos are “in public” shots…not airbrushed or edited in some way. Celebrities look like *gasp* people!! It’s certainly worth checking out. I gotta get back to the restroom….some hairy dude just walked out.


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