A few months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to go in on an art studio together. It’s basically a mall that has been gutted and where each store once was, is now someone’s gallery. She loves to oil paint and when I’m not touching myself, I enjoy watercoloring.




I’m not saying I’m the best artist in the world. It’s just something I’ve always been into. Ever since I was a kid, I would draw on the walls of my room with feces. Of course, I got in trouble, but I was doing something I loved. Believe it or not, I majored in Graphic Design in college. My brother’s a genius when it comes to computer art…but sadly, technology has passed me by so I stick with simple watercolors and paper. The problem was, having a studio, you just don’t make any money. Besides selling one painting to her sister, no one else bought anything. And this is how it went with every gallery around us. I don’t see how the other artists survive. Basically their paintings were stupid shit. Like a monkey holding a orange wearing a hat while cats danced around it. Or maybe a portrait of a naked baby covered in flowers while a huge giraffe lingers above it’s head, waiting to devour it. Ok, maybe not that stupid.



Ode to the alarm clock

Ode to the alarm clock


When you spend all your time painting or drawing something, you tend to become attached to it. It’s almost as if the artwork becomes your baby. When other people admire it, you get a smile deep down inside. If they ask to buy it from you, your heart skips a beat and in a state of panic, you tell them it’ll cost’em a million dollars. And so it is with 1112. The developers have labored over this application and it shows. The graphics are well made. There’s a music score (I believe) they came up with on their own. It has an overall look and feel of someone that has come up with their own application and not some big ass company. I enjoyed playing it…I got all the way to the bathroom (to get out of it, use the compass icon on the right). The music is good because it sounds a lot like something from the Silent Hill franchise. Fortunately, you can turn it off…although the song is good, it gets really annoying (I’ve titled the song, “Ode to the Alarm Clock”). It’s certainly a fun game and definitely in it’s own class so far, compared to other apps that are out now. The one and only problem I have is the asking price. The developer has certainly put all of their time and effort into the application and my opinion is, that they want to get paid for it. Eight dollars is a lot of money. Price it around $2.99-$4.99 and I think they’d receive their rewards in full.


AppAttack :D  

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