Spin when your Spun


It’s 3:17AM. You PROMISED your girlfriend/boyfriend that you’d be home early but hey, it’s your bestfriend’s LAST day to truly party before they spend the rest of their life with someone they really know nothing about. Now, miraculously, you’ve arrived at your front door. What do you do?


We’ve all been in the awkward situation where we’re fumbling for our keys in the dark, thirsting for the sensation to simply fall into some thick sheets and go to bed. But, luck has it, we have 1,000 keys on our key ring, we’ve pissed half way down our leg and the damn porch light has YET to be replaced. Enter Spin, an application that brings back memories of Kindergarten. Remember putting the square shape in the triangle hole, only to disappoint your fellow classmates? Yeah, that’s how Spin works. Your goal is to put a certain shape into it’s corresponding hole. There’s a time limit plus the objects can be complicated. The developers boast about other App site’s reviews (use THIS one!!) but when it boils down to the facts: this game teaches you to handle your keys when you’re drunk off your ass!






AppAttack :D


*to my loyal readers: I’d sit back and watch for a price drop, if you’re tight on cash. This creative dev team is sure to come out with some more entertaining apps, thus lowering the price on this one. But $2.99 isn’t much if you like puzzles.

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