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We’ve all enjoyed going to the art museum. Not so much for the artwork, per se, but more so for the fact that we wonder, in our dark little minds, if we could take on the 80 year old guard that’s guarding that “masterpiece” that could pay our monthly rent for the next 2 years.


Art Envi is SO…DAMN…CLOSE to perfecting the idea of having an art gallery in your pocket. But the controls are STILL off enough that the “load” times turn your attention elsewhere. They cover some excellent artists and have a great “slideshow” showcasing some brilliant paintings. For example, one of my favorite’s:



Love it!

Love it!


But the App just doesn’t “click” to where I’d pick it up daily/occasionally. I apologize to the developers, but I really think this app could be more. In the future I’m almost certain this will be an AppAttack :D I’m holding the faith for now, but until then, I gotta say…


AppNapp :(

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