Food Additives


I don’t eat chickens, cows or pigs. Not that I’m the most healthy guy on the block…my ass blends perfectly with the back of my legs after years of mastering the “sitting on my ass” style of Feng Shui. I only mention this to review an app…


Reviewing a Health type application is about as boring as eating celery. I don’t have any humorous rants here but I do have a funny true story that happened to me awhile back:

My father and I were traveling in a small town in Texas. It was lunch time and we decided to grab a bite to eat, so we stop at Wendy’s. Being a vegetarian (pescitarian if you wanna get technical) in Texas can be difficult at times. Surely we thought a fastfood chain would have something to order, right? So we walk in and here’s how the conversation went with the young cashier…

Me: “Do you have anything without meat?”
Cashier: “Our chicken nuggets are really good”
Me: “No, like, anything without meat?”
Cashier turns around and looks up at the menu. Pauses for a brief moment. Then replies, “Our ham sandwiches are really good”.
Me: “I think i’ll just take the Taco Salad. Is there meat in the chili?”
Cashier: “Let me check….yes.”
Me: “Ok, I’ll have the Taco Salad without the chili”
Cashier: “Do you want the chili on the side?”
Me: looks at Dad and asks if he would like some chili. “Yeah, that’d be fine”.

I kid you not dear readers…the girl was that dumb. Since my encounter, I avoid Wendy’s nowadays. It’s hard minding your health at times. When I first chose to give up meat, it was extremely difficult because I had to practically research everything I use to not worry about. Having a guide like Food Additives would have come in handy. It gives detailed descriptions of what you’re sticking down your pie hole.



Insects people. Insects.

Insects people. Insects.



That being said, I think some people get way too paranoid of what they eat. Myself included, it’s way too easy to worry about all the food you’re consuming. And this is problematic to me. I don’t think you should worry about what you eat to the point of meticulously researching each tiny, unimportant ingredient that #4 on the value menu has to offer. Hell, if everyone was that concerned, McDonald’s would have declared bankruptcy a LONG time ago. Eat in moderation and get exercise…it’s simple. I don’t think you should fret over all the crap (literally and figuratively) that is in your food.


AppNapp :(    

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