Oh Snap!


Not only am I nerd regarding “all things app” related (hell, all things iPhone related), I’m also into conspiracy theories. And who isn’t?! I frequent ATS each morning in hopes that one TRUE UFO video will appear. That said, being into conspiracies can make one a little paranoid.


Take for example, my next door neighbor. He’s a nice man, he just gets really nosey sometimes. Sure there’s the occasional, “OH! Hey Mr. Hemmington. Yes, thank you for handing me my towel…I didn’t realize you were standing outside my shower”, but who’s neighbor ISN’T that friendly? And yeah, it’s awkward when I kiss him instead of my girlfriend while cuddling on the couch by accident but, he is just being my friendly neighbor. Having recently caught him looking up porn on his laptop in my bushes lately has made me a little too paranoid. So paranoid in fact, that I thought I’d give Snap a try.
Snap is an application that allows you to see what other networks (or “shit” if you’re ignorant like me) are around you. I discovered two networks in my neighborhood that my laptop forgot to tell me about. How is this useful? I don’t really know…I’m not the smartest computer tech out there. But if you’ve read what the developers have said this is- and understand it, get your Urkel on. If you’re an idiot like myself, or just paranoid/nosey about your neighbors this may be for you as well.


AppAttack :D

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