Koi Pond



You have this. I’m almost certain you do. You downloaded it, played with it for a minute, then took it off of your phone. Now it swims quietly in your App folder. This application was in the top 10 for a LONG time. Some may argue they wasted their 99c, others may be glad they glanced at it for a few. This app is worth it I have to say. Not because YOU will enjoy playing with it, but that THEY will enjoy playing with it. It simply carries it’s weight due to the “WOW” factor it warrants. Your friends and family members who do not have an iPhone will be enamored by it’s simplicity and smooth graphics. I keep it on my phone personally, but do I open it every day? No. When someone wants to see my phone, it’s always the 1st app I show them. It’s simple, really….actually, really, really simple. You stick your finger in the water and the fish get scared. You shake your phone and they get fed. You hold your finger in the water and the fish “nibble” at it. It’s pretty useless but again, the “WOW” factor is the reason everyone should own this. I recommend it.

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