Lemonade Stand


I’ll be the first to admit it, but I’m no Donald Trump when it comes to business. I have really poor work ethics and honestly, I’d fire myself if myself hired me. Wait, what? Never mind, I often make no sense. But at least I try to make some cents, yo! 




Lazy rabbit

Lazy rabbit


Take a moment and look at that lazy ass rabbit. Can you believe it? He’s laying there taking a nap, while poor little Miss Pigtails is slaving her ass off to sell that one damn cup of lemonade?!! What’s up with that?! Fire is fury little ass…lazy bastard. And someone needs to tell this little girl, a forest is not the ideal place to sell lemonade. It’s common knowledge that roadways are the most popular spot to gain the public’s attention. We all know a neighborhood street is THE main place to sell lemonade…she must be slow, I guess. And what about going “green”? Look how she’s carelessly left an empty cup next to her place of business. A lot of activists could be up her butt in no time if she doesn’t get her crap together. See, I’m no Donald Trump but I have a little knowledge when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Lemonade Stand is a fairly simple business application that honestly, I didn’t really care for. Up until I realized that in some slight way it kind of puts your brain in the “business” mindset, did I think to play it again. I think it’s a “so so” kind of app for me. It can be a fun little pick up and play but the replay factor is sorta low. I’m giving it an AppNapp  :( but you may like it. For a dollar, you can’t really go wrong giving it a try. But then again, I’m no business man.

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