Pangea VR


For those with a new iPhone or iPod Touch I’d like to tell you about Pangea VR. I remember downloading it WAY back in the day, which could have been yesterday, come to think of it. It’s somewhat fallen behind the massive onslaught of all the new apps that are out but I feel as though it should be given another chance. It’s a fairly simple app that allows you to look around some certain destination in fully rendered 3D goodness. It kind of reminds me of when I use to just stand in one place and look around. I don’t do it very much anymore, but back in the day I was THE SHIT when it came to doing so. It’s free and certainly fun to mess with. I can’t remember if it works over Edge or not but I’d recommend Wifi anyways. Why no screenshot, you lazy bastard? Well, because it’s no longer on my iPhone but I REMEMBERED it this afternoon and wanted to tell you about it…that’s what counts. 


AppAttack :D

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