Parents are ignorant these days. And I don’t mean to offend parents when I say this…only the ignorant ones. Many of them have no clue what they’re kids are into these days. Hell, even I don’t! I thought Hanna Montana was a country!! HAHAHA!! LOL!! ROFL!! OMG!! LOL!! LMAO!! TCBY!!!!


Ok that was the dumbest thing I’ve typed yet. But I had to do it. It was one of those jokes that your grandmother would smile at. But seriously, most of us are just “not in the know” regarding kids these days. Some parents think that if something has Hannah Montana on it, their kids want it. Look at Disney…they’ve practically mastered the art of slapping one of their famous characters on something and it sells out by Christmas. Particularly Mickey Mouse who in one way is the beloved icon of Disney and another way, gay. What mouse wears gloves?! And why does he wear those gloves?! You never see him without those damn things on.



Card toss

Card toss


Disney’s All Stars Cards is a perfect example of how a powerhouse company can produce something not so great, throw a big price tag on it, and it’ll sell. Not because it’s a good product, but because it has Disney characters in it. (For a good laugh, I encourage you to read the positive reviews regarding this game in iTunes…clueless parents). It’s a basic collection of card games mixed with Disney characters with a high asking price. This game should be in the 99-$1.99 asking range but it’s not. Why? Because Disney knows how to make you jump. I bought this game for my girlfriend’s sister’s 9 year old daughter. Falling victim to the Disney lie, I spent the big bucks and believed she would get MY money’s worth out of playing it. Did she? No. She played it for maybe over one minute and then rummaged through all the other apps I had. What game did she like? You’d be surprised.



Coin toss

Coin toss


She KICKS ASS at Beer Bounce! Shocking, I know. She knows what beer is but is blindly awaiting her college years until she understands the game of quarters. It’s a very well made game that looks good plus the voices that make fun of you are clever sometimes. Although $1.99 is a little steep…I hope a future update will make it more replayable. Strangely enough, you get “drunk” when you miss the shot and not when you make it. This works because the game would be unplayable if you kept making goals. I mention parents being ignorant (not that my girlfriend’s sister is) because I too fell into the “it has Disney, kids love Disney, I’ll spend money” trickery. I payed 8 bucks for Mickey Mouse when all along a simple beer drinking game can entertain a kid for hours. She’s really good at it too. And like all good kids, she hides the fact that she’s playing the game because it has beer in it…and beer is bad.


AppNapp :( for a lame card toss


AppAttack :D for a fun coin toss  

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