SweepAttack #2 (Update)


Some of you have sent emails letting me know that my “SweepAttack” review process focuses more on apps that are not worth downloading, and less on apps that I recommend. I hear ya loud and clear and I’m “changing my ways”



SweepAttack #2

SweepAttack #2


SweepAttack :D

So here’s the new SweepAttack layout. Instead of “soon to be deleted” apps on top, I’ve decided to place the apps that I’ve enjoyed using the most during the past week. Some will be repeats, some will be new. What you need to remember is that ALL of the apps you see are ones that I recommend though not all will have a review. It may be as low as 1-2 apps or as many as the entire page plus the Dock. I hope this helps you get a quick look at the ones out there, I believe, are worth your hard earned cash. Thanks for the emails…I love hearing from you guys! ;)

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