Chess With Friends


The game of chess was invented in 1942 by Oswald Weinheimer. An auto mechanic from Detroit, Michigan. Oswald, father of four, was in desperate need of money to feed his family. 

Growing up, Weinheimer had a great love for the game Zelda and adored the book Alice In Wonderland (having read it two and a half times). So it was no surpirse when he and his coworker Chester Manning (thus the name “chess“) came up with the game we all love to this day. By using nuts, screws and bolts as playing pieces, Oswald and his friend spent several minutes coming up with rules for the game. Neighbors in town slowly learned how to play and Oswald Weinheimer soon became a billionaire providing his children with a roof over their heads and his 467 pound wife a decent meal, seven times a day. This is all bullshit.


With who?

With who?


Chess With Friends needs to get their crap pieces together. The concept is that you play a game of chess long term (possibly VERY long). You open it, make a move and close it. Whoever you’re playing then makes their move whenever they get around to it. This is a great idea. I downloaded the app and it worked fine…the first time I played it. Now I can’t continue the game I’m playing (sorry Raylove) and I can’t start another game. It crashes all the time and when I finally get in, I can’t select any of my pieces?! Hopefully this is a server issue (maybe a personal issue?),,,until then, I say


AppNapp :(



*I do recommend you get it for free while you can, if you like chess. Hopefully it’ll shape up soon.

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