Holy Bible


I can’t make any of my usual comments regarding this app but I can tell you a funny story. Read on if you’d like to hear.

Back when I first started college I got into the pleasant habit of smoking (yes, that’s a hint of sarcasm you taste in this sentence). My roommate at the time was pissed that I had adopted such a bad habit that he told my Sunday School teacher in hopes that he would tell me to quit. So one Sunday as my Sunday School teacher began the morning announcements, he paused, looked at me strangely, then asked, “Michael, what’s that?”. He then came up to me and picked up a cigarette that was at my feet, asking if I had dropped something. I denied it because I knew my smokes were in my car. Long story short he got a laugh outta the room at my expense. Come to find out, my roommate had set me up. So revenge was fresh on my mind. The next Sunday I had a plan. I went to church, talked to all my friends and when our teacher collected everyone to make the morning announcements, I was ready. As he began talking, I quietly pulled a cigarette from my pocket and lit it up. I began casually smoking it as if it was ok to smoke in church. To my amusement, my Sunday School teacher was dumbfounded that I would be bold enough to do such a thing. I asked if we could smoke to which he replied through tears and laughter an exclamatory “NO” so I put it out. To this day he’ll bring it up and we both get a good laugh.


Personal fav

Personal fav


Holy Bible is the best “Bible” app I have found. There’s plenty of translations to keep you happy plus the interface is very easy to use. I know religion is a touchy subject for everyone, and honestly, I don’t care what you believe in. I think you’re a great person regardless. If you’ve given up on “church” or organized religion in general let me be the first to encourage you to listen to Jay Bakker’s podcasts (click on Media) I love the guy. And thank you for reading…you didn’t have to.


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