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Google has kicked a lot of ass recently in the world of business. There’s the Google search engine, Gmail, Google Earth/Moon/Space/Nostril, Google Map, the recent Android…hell, Google even owns your grandmother.

I personally like Google myself. It’s a good company and Stan that works the front desk is hilarious. (Ask him to tell you about the time he met Cher!). But my main reason for liking Google is when you put two “o”s together they look like boobs. And I like boobs because they remind me of women…and I like women.
Google Earth is a fun free app similar to the desktop client of the same name. You can zoom around the world and see aerial shots of cities. I visit San Francisco all the time…because I’d rather be THERE than HERE. It’s like a little mental vacation for someone as mental as myself. I recommend you use wifi because it’s faster than edge (write that down).


So much to do...

So much to do...



Google Mobile App is exactly what it says it is…a Google mobile application. I use Google in practically everything I do except the Calendar, Notebook and Photos (and all the stuff you see below). If you use these then I think you’ll benefit from getting this app. (One special note: when I clicked on the Reader icon, it opened my Safari browser. So in some cases you may simply be redirected to a mobile version of the Google website. I don’t know if this helps anyone, but I’m tellin’ ya). 


What's all this?




I do however, use Google to checkout hot ladies. And this app went right to’em the first time I tried. It’s virtually the Google website accustomed to the iPhone. The voice search worked exactly as it’s been boasted in iTunes. I even used a crazy name like Isla Fisher?!! I mean, I have NO CLUE who she is. I just sorta mumbled it. Aren’t I crazy?! What are the chances there’d be a girl with a name that I MUMBLED?! Isla Fisher must be some crazy girl from some crazy family because I don’t know who she is. I just sorta said her name, and it pulled up search results. I don’t know who she is…seriously.   







Both deserve a solid:

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