I consider myself a lucky guy. You see, I have this little piece of technology called the iTrip from a company named Griffin. What does it do? Let me show you…

The iTrip FM receiver from Griffin allows me to listen to white noise (AKA “static”) while driving around town. “So, I could do that if I just turned to an unknown station in my car…so what?” THAT is where you’re wrong. Not only can I listen to static, if I plug my iPod Touch or iPhone in, every now and then, I can listen to a SONG!! How’s that for ya?! Pretty damn cool, I KNOW. 

Today I was sick of all the songs I have on my iPod Touch. I wanted something different. I suddenly realized that Pandora recently updated their app to allow Genres of music as well. So I break out my iPhone and BAM! I’m tripping out listening to Trance music. I love it! If you’re the rare, idiot iPhone/Touch owner who doesn’t have Pandora you owe it to yourself to get it ASAP. It makes listening to static that much more fun.



Pandora makes




AppAttack :D

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