Boxing is better


Everyone I know LOVES the UFC. They think of it as the next sport to beat boxing and that boxing is a thing of the past. As always I disagree and we all end up in the parking lot fighting hardcore style, with fists in the air, cats meowing and girlfriends crying. You don’t wanna be there my friend. It’s tough. If you’re strong enough you can see a video here, but be warned….it gets brutal.  

I like boxing. To me, it’s a sport that seems to be aggressive and at the same time respectful of other fighters. They don’t wanna kill each other once the bell rings. UFC in my opinion, is more mean spirited and not exactly an honest fight most of the time. They always end up on the ground and some guy always gets his face pummeled and in the end, it’s not worth watching. Maybe I’m just a pussy. I do know Heath Herring though. We went to school together….great guy and great family.






Smack Boxing hit the iTunes store today and because I like boxing, I had to get it. Here’s why I recommend it: the developer is extremely open to customer’s opinions/suggestions. It’s not some “big” company (see EA) that has released a game with an army of developers backing them up. It’s the underdog in a fight against the big dog (if I could say so without being cheesy). Developers that take into consideration their audience, I think, are good developers. They’ve created an app, are proud of the app and want to improve it. With so many bigger titles coming out, it may be rare to see this in the future. It plays a lot like PunchOut but there’s no ongoing tournament that you’re in. It’s a single fight versus a random fighter. The controls are a little slow but it uses all of the iPhone’s abilities and not just the touch screen. Look at me being all serious in a review?!! Did I mention that a friend of mine on Facebook ADMITTED that she sneezed and pissed her pants today? She told everyone that she pissed herself while sneezing…and I’m not lying, either. Gross.


AppAttack :D

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