*insert Butthead laugh.


Have you ever seen a family member use a computer mouse for the 1st time? Where they knock all your favorite Family Guy toys off your desk? Or maybe spill that cup of coffee you just poured over all those papers you just printed for tomorrow’s big presentation at the cheese factory?

Well, that’s exactly what it’s like using Snatch on your computer. Luckily, you don’t even move the mouse. You just slowly move your finger on your screen until you find something to click. I had no problems syncing it with my computer. And once I did I had a great time using it, though you slowly move around at first. (Personally, it made the “closing windows that shouldn’t be open before Mom gets here” game more exciting. She came CLOSE dude, real close…almost got caught). But all in all it’s not really an adequate mouse that allows you to get work done quickly. Then again, who am I to judge…I wrote this entire article with my index finger. (A free lite version is found here). 


AppNapp :sad:




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