Movie Challenge

If you know me, you know I LOVE movies. They’re my life, sadly. One reason I love places like San Francisco and Austin, is because there’s something to do all the time. You don’t think of renting a movie. Where I live, there’s nothing to do except watch movies. I have “Movie Night” with the fellas and it’s something I look forward to each week because we all love film. We all consider ourselves movie buffs (me being the smartest, of course). Hell, this past weekend I watched 4 movies. Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, What Happens in Vegas, For Your Consideration and Tinker Bell…none of which I’d recommend. (Except in the Tinker Bell movie a squirrel gets hit in the face with a nut then runs off crying. THIS alone is the reason to rent it. Hilarious!). Movie Challenge is a trivia application that tests your knowledge of the world of film. What makes it fun is the variety of questions and how the questions are constantly random. It’s a fast paced game that keeps your attention. I also learned a few facts that I didn’t know which is always nice to rub in your friend’s faces. There’s two reasons why I recommend this app: 

#1: This is a game you can play with others. Say you’re watching a lame ass movie with friends. You all wanna turn it off but surely the ending will be worth the time wasted, so you keep watching. Take out your iPhone, play the trivia game, save your score, then pass it to your friend to see if they know more than you. It’s a good pass and play style of game. Even at a large party you could pass your precious iPhone/Touch around and challenge one another quietly or if your drunk, obnoxiously.


My 1st Time Score...beat it?

My 1st Time Score...beat it?


#2: It’s a crap game. Hey wait a minute, Michael?! You said the game was good? I DID say it was good. But let’s be honest here people, how many of you break out your phone while dropping a deuce to get a quick game in? Be honest. We all do it. This game is a perfect crap game, and I don’t mean to offend anyone when I say this. Countless times you’re busy doing your “thing” and the urge to get a quick game hits you. This game has a save feature that you can get a few rounds in, and continue it later. Perfect for that kind of situation. It’s the most entertaining movie trivia game I’ve played so far and for the price of admission (I know, I’m clever ;) ) you really can’t miss out on it.


AppAttack :D

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