First Aid


I’ve seen a lot of First Aid apps coming out recently. Apparently many of you are purchasing them so I thought I’d give my take on a recent purchase.

If you’re like me, you fall down a lot for no reason at all. You just enjoy giving into gravity every now and then. I do it all the time. Particularly while crossing the street. I wanna keep the crosswalk guard on his toes as well as the drivers around me. It’s what I do. So when I decide to say “hello” to gravity, it’s good to have a First Aid reference on hand so that people around me know what to do. Keep in mind, I don’t say anything to strangers. If they feel the need to administer CPR, go ahead, I want them to be on their toes. If they think they should call an ambulance, go ahead, I wanna make sure they remember the phone number to call. If they ignore me, I just get up and continue walking to Burger King. 



It’s not a bad idea to have a First Aid guide on hand but in the end, I don’t think you’d actually use it. (Look at me, I’m going to jinx myself. Is there a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot app?). It’s a good thing to have, to remind you of what to do in the event of an emergency, so I would say download it to read and then discard. Maybe you’re a parent and you find this app to be comforting, then I say go right ahead. Keep it with you at all times. It doesn’t take up much space. I think a lot of us worry too much. We all need to relax. Stop watching TV, stop worrying about what “could” happen and start doing what you wanna do. Go outside and let gravity know that he’s still the boss. 


AppNapp :( for the reckless

AppAttack :D for the cautious 

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