Best Theme Song EVER: Zelda

You HAVE to get the Ocarina app. No buts about it…GET IT! And after you get it come back and read the rest of this.

OK…you get it? AWESOME! Now, you wanna see something funny? Check this out. HAHAHA!! Talk about circle jerks!!! Hahaha!! I don’t know if we’re suppose to take that video seriously but I refuse to do so. I’m late to the party regarding the Ocarina app and I’m sure you already have it, but I wanna tell those that haven’t purchased it. It’s yet another musical instrument that you play on the iPhone. HOLD UP, Michael, you told us a few weeks ago that music apps are useless?!! I know I did…and I meant it. The iPhone needs a UNIQUE instrument to play…not a guitar or piano. An Ocarina is a brilliant idea for the iPhone. You hold the phone with your thumbs and ring fingers and play with your index and middle fingers while blowing in the mic. That’s just crazy by itself. The one and only reason I took the plunge on this app is because you can play the ZELDA THEME SONG. See an example in this video. Is that not THE shit?! It’s fricken’ brilliant!! I can play the first note so far…I have no gifts when it comes to playing musical instruments. But I keep coming back to it, which I never did with any of the other music apps. Another cool feature is that you can listen to people playing all over the world:

Sparrow is good


 Not everyone is fun to listen to…some people really suck. But there are also some AMAZING people out there. I’ve heard a few do the Zelda song and someone was playing Canon in D (the song you hear in every wedding) last night. If you go to their website, there’s some music sheets that help teach you how to play. All in all, I can’t stop playing with it. I just don’t see why they made that corny video with the group? Honestly, check out the main page in iTunes. There’s some hot chick playing it…why not have a video of her?! 


AppAttack :D

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