Loopty Doo


Ever wonder what your friends are doing and where they’re at? Maybe your girlfriend promised you she’s NOT going to the strip club with Megan and Kelly (bitches)…that she’ll be at the library studying for Monday’s test? But deep down inside you KNOW she’s going to the strip club (partially because Megan is a whore AND the fact that you found a stack of ones on the kitchen table). Loopt is an odd application that lets you tell your friends/family/dog where you are located. And it does a fairly accurate job of doing so. By “pinging” someone on your friend’s list you show them where you are, in return they “pong” you back letting you know where they are. Basically it’s Marco Polo for your phone. You know, the swimming pool game no one really knows how to play and everyone hates? Although it gives up a little of your privacy (it doesn’t locate you when you’re not using it BTW, only when you turn it on), it’s fun to “ping” your friends every now and then. This DOES use your text messaging plan but I’m sure we all have the same one thanks to AT&T.  Just last night my friend reminded me that he’s at a cool club having a great Friday night. All while I’m at home watching a movie with Muffins. Yep. Kinda felt a little shitty. It’s cool though…tonight I’m going to “ping” him from his Mother’s front yard ;) Sucka!


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