It’s Friday!! And everyone loves Friday. Except Paul…you son of a bitch. We all love the weekends so I’m going to give you something special each Friday. Let me explain…

Many of you may be reading this at work, looking for a quick app you can download and play for the weekend. You don’t really have time to read a full review because you have other engadgements to attend (Ex: playing on your iPhone). So, with this knowledge, I have created what I call a “SweepAttack“. An incredibly quick review of applications I have either ignored all week, or ones that I can’t get enough of.




Above the Dock will be Apps that I have either opened and played less than 5 times or Apps that I have only opened once. Starting from the top left is my “just didn’t make it” app to the lowest, which will be my “never gonna play, probably delete” app. (Ignore Trace in the above screenshot).






The Dock itself (again, ignore Trace…it should be in the dock but you can’t make an “app less” page that I’m aware of) contains Apps that I couldn’t stop playing all week long. Starting with my favorite app on the left. I guess you could say my “Top 4″ apps of the week. 

It’s a simple “review” but that’s the point. You can glance at the list, see what you may be interested in (Jott down what you like ;) ), and head to the keg party/business meeting/hotel with wife/petting zoo…etc. Sometimes the Dock apps will change, sometimes they won’t. It all depends on how often I play with’em. Also, regarding future updates, SOME apps may make it to the Dock. In the end, I hope you find this useful in your future purchases! :)

Have a great weekend,

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