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Yeah the title of this post is cheesy. But it rhymes and I like things that rhyme. I feel like Snow. Informer, yadose say aokac adcad ackka blamm ya lick a boom boom yeahhhh (I never knew what that fella was saying but I loved that cd). Anyways, there’s two things I want to tell you about. First: you can visit this site on your iPhone/iPod Touch and it looks nice and tidy. All wrapped up in a pretty bow. Give it a shot. I also have an RSS feed you can subscribe to if you use Newsstand (BOOM!! A quick review I didn’t plan to write about..AppAttack  :D !!). And the second news that I wanted to share with you is that I’m going to probably start reviewing the most latest apps that are out and not necessarily the older ones. I’ll still tell you about the older ones that I keep playing with, but none the less, the more recent releases are what you are more interested in I’d bet :) . Again, email me if there’s a dusty app on the shelf you’ve been looking at. I have’em all. Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and I’ll share more soon. Take care.

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