Happy All Hallows Eve!! (or Halloween)


I’m so excited today’s Halloween!! I love this holiday…nothing like dressing up in a cool outfit and scaring friends and family. You know, putting the family deer trophy head in the icebox to scare the living crap outta Grandma. Who DOESN’T like Halloween?! Not to mention the candy. I was going to post about some Halloween apps but I figured by the time you read this, you won’t wanna download any. And besides, I didn’t download any myself. So I would be lying to you if I reviewed an app I didn’t have…and what kind of a friend would THAT be? Not a good one, mister. So tomorrow I hope to share with you some more reviews…and remember, if you want to know about any Application, I have PLENTY. So email me: iphoneappattack@gmail.com and I’ll gladly post them here. For now, I gotta get some candy…have a great Halloween and be safe!!!

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