Le Miserables

This afternoon, being bored with my thousands of millions of songs on my iPod, I decided to look for a radio app. I discovered Wunder Radio (iTunes) and, believing lunch to be a waste of my hard earned money, took it upon myself to fork over 7 bucks to buy it. So far, I’m really impressed. You can choose between your local radio (which everyone thinks their local radio sucks…just ask anyone) or listen to something across the globe. Many reviews in iTunes claim they have a poor reception or that they’ll lose the reception altogether but I never came across this issue. It does take a little while to get a stream going but who doesn’t have five seconds to spare? I look forward to spending some more time with the app to add more radio stations. The idea of listening to something someone somewhere far away from me is listening to gives me a warm feeling. In fact, this afternoon I listened to a radio station in Paris. When Grandma woke up (I had just picked her up from her morning Bridge party. She passed out drunk half way through the game) she had no clue what we were listening to. I wrote on the back of a receipt that, “the world decided to adopt a new language” and that she had been passed out for so long, she missed learning it. Now when she says something to me I just act confused and ask her to draw pictures of what she’s trying to say. I’ll probably tell her I was only joking after dinner.

AppAttack :D

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