Scream Real Loud

Today is Saturday. That is a fact. Back in the day when I lived indoors I would watch Saturday morning cartoons. Usually from 7AM until around 10AM at about what time all the good shows were done and the rest was just a bunch of crap that trickled into the afternoon news. It was almost as if the tv had it’s throat cut. All the good shows gushed out in the early morning and by noon, the tv was dead. Today’s cartoons suck (I don’t have a tv so I don’t know this to be a fact, but I did overhear some kids riding by on scooters claim that cartoons do in fact suck). I feel a little sorry for today’s parents. I don’t know what they do on weekends without the sweet siren of Saturday morning cartoons luring their children into a zombie-like state of distraction. I assume they just wake up early with the kids and sit around the living room discussing why television sucks on the weekends? Maybe they award their kids stickers or small toys if the child can come up with a conclusive answer to this riddle? I don’t know. I’m not even up before noon on Saturdays. The reason I’m talking about all of this shit is because early this morning for some reason or another (probably because Muffins farted in my face) I thought of Garfield. Once I started thinking of Garfield I started to remember that he use to have a Halloween special I haven’t seen in ages. Having detective skills like Humphrey Bogart, I quickly began researching the long forgotten cartoon and came upon this website:

Garfield Halloween Special (and MORE!)

BUT the real special part of all my hard work is that there are not only the Garfield Halloween show but several other Halloween shows as well! Look on the sidebar to the left and you’ll see what I’m talking about. For now I’m going to go heat up this pizza I found on the curb and sit back and wish I was young again. Enjoy!

AppAttack :D

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