Real Soccer 2009 is a game I have but I never play it. I bought it a long time ago when it was $10 and I…hmm? What’s that? Really? You say it’s STILL ten dollars? But, I bought it a long time ago…like I said. Seriously? Ten bucks STILL?! Alright…if you say so. I bought it a long recently  yesterday next Wednesday  when I bought it, and it costs me ten US dollars. It’s a very well made game. It has the names of real players (I think, I don’t know all of them), it has good controls and the sound effects are brilliant. The crowd roars, they sing songs, you can hear when players head-butt each other in the face and see blood pouring from their nose, it’s a really neat game. My only problem is, I don’t know a whole bunch about “soccer”. I played it when I was in Elementary school and I sucked at it. Kids hurt when they kicked you with their little cleats. And forget “Soccer Moms”…they didn’t exist until I graduated from college. I bought this game because I wanted to become more “culturally aware” of the game itself. Worldwide, futbol (I know there’s a tilde above the “u” but I don’t know how to do it…forgive me) is an extremely popular sport. It’s only recently that America has gotten in on the action (debate this if need be, I don’t know much about the sport). Bottom line: Smart people enjoy the game of soccer…idiots enjoy football. “OH SNAP!! You did NOT just go there?!!” you shout from your computer, shaking your fist in the air. RELAX! I’m just kidding. In fact, I love this time of year. College football is my favorite. Who’s watching the Texas Tech vs. Texas game this weekend? I know I will be (GO TECH!!…if you’re curious about who I’m rooting for). See what I’ve done here? I’ve talked about everything BUT Real Soccer 2009!!! That’s how this game is for me. I like it, I wanna play it more often but I just don’t. I play other games. But this is a great game that is highly polished and only costs 5 10 dollars!! Maybe someone could tell me how to “pick up and go” with this game? By the time I sit down to play it, Muffins is playing Papi and I’m distracted by an infomercial regarding quick absorbing towels that can save me butt loads of money. Seriously, the camera guy (luckily) was quick enough to capture ON FILM this amazing towel picking up soda recently spilled on a carpet sample. No paper towels gonna go through that BS and survive, but this towel did. Get the game if you’re not easily distracted and you know how to play “soccer”. 







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