Mix & Match

If you were a fly on my sippy cup of hot chocolate Grandma just made me, you’d see all of my beautiful posters of hot female celebrities I’ve gathered rummaging through trash cans at the local 7 Eleven (behind Albert’s Shack off of Mulberry Avenue). I’d never pay for a magazine or poster, as you know my allowance is often not very much. The problem I have gathering all of these posters is that some celebrities get a little less attractive over time. So what do I do? I mix and match parts of their face and body that I think is more hotter than their usual self. ┬áLuckily, “there’s an app for that”.

Dream Girl (iTunes) is an application that allows you to mix and match different facial features of a selected group of (hot) women. Don’t like this girl’s eyes? Flip your finger and she’s better looking that what her parent’s dealt her. Don’t like this girl’s haircut? Well…you may not like any of the other ones as well (their all really short and close to their heads). I created the above woman because she’s hot and I expect her to arrive at my van door any minute. I know she’s out there somewhere. The app itself is kinda fun to mess around with. What I enjoyed doing most, however, is rearranging the pieces to find out what each girl actually looked like (and not one of them is ugly. In fact, if you’re a model who posed for this app my number is (555)462-8718. Please don’t call after 8PM because Grandma will be passed out drunk. If woken, she makes me watch an hour long slideshow of her honeymoon in Paris and it’s awful….really, really awful).

AppAttack :D

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