Learn Something From Everyone

In my day job of helping cross walkers cross the street, I meet a lot of interesting people. Today for example, I met a guy named Raymond. He was a retired vet who fought in Vietnam right before things got really bad. As we crossed the street he told me a story about how the General in charge of his camp (located here in the states) liked things nice and clean. One day, after everyone in his group cleaned their camp to the absolute best of their abilities, his friend Edward flicked a cigarette butt onto the ground. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, the General happened to walk by and saw his littering ways. He demanded that he speak with Edward behind the tents. Ten to fifteen minutes later, Edward returned with two swollen eyes, a broken nose and a bruised face. He laughed about it to Raymond but from that day forward, he never littered again. Raymond chuckled the whole way across the street reliving his story. Is this funny? I don’t know. It’s just an actual true story that I heard today. I’ll make up some bullshit later…I promise.

Solitaire Siege (is currently unavailable for some reason in iTunes) is a clever little solitaire game in which you play the original card game but with a twist. You have to collect certain weapons to set fire to trees in your way or blow up brick walls keeping you from winning. If you guess wrong, the cards shoot at you causing you to lose a little of your health. If you lose it all, game over. The version I have does in fact contain many a bugs (maybe that’s why it’s unavailable?) but all in all, it’s a really fun and addictive game. I hope the developer throws it back on the shelf soon. I’ll keep an eye out for it because I’d like you to have as much fun as I’ve had playing it.

AppAttack :D

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