Judo CHOP!

One more story about Muffins and then I’ll change the subject. Or will I? Hell, I could talk nonstop about Muffins and you’d probably love it. For all I know you’re some crazy cat lady that only visits this site because I mention Muffins every now and then. You may sure as hell not even own an iPhone. Alright…I know, I know, I know. You found this website by accident and are actually shocked that you made it this far along reading this paragraph. Still there? Welcome! Now here’s my story…and it’s actually true (but you think all of these stories are true? Riiight ;) ). Muffins is the first cat I’ve ever owned. I’ll save you my childhood melodramatics and simply say, we weren’t allowed anything with hair growing up. So, like anyone else, I was ecstatic to own a cat when grandma said I could keep him. Cats are amazing creatures. They’re completely aware of their surroundings almost at all times. A fun game I’ve been playing since Muffins was a tiny kitten is to actually sneak up on him. What’s the score? Zero to 546. I have yet to properly scare the bejesus out of Muffins but I try almost every day. Just ONE time, I’d absolutely love to make him jump a mile in the air. He’d most likely just turn around, jump on my face and claw my eyes out of their sockets (because he can) so it’s probably best I haven’t won yet.

Silent Swords (iTunes) is a game I keep kicking myself in the nutz for not telling you about. I’ve had it on my Touch since probably the day it came out. You’re simply a little round headed ninja that has to kill a handful of guards to open a door and advance to the next level. Sounds easy, right? I’ve been stuck on the above level (see picture) for quite some time. I know what to do, I just can’t do it. I’m one of those kinds of players that gives up fairly easily, crying to my grandma until she soothes me with her “magic water” (I know it’s not magical water…it’s vodka. But hell, it’s a free shot and it makes me feel better about being such a pathetic gamer). Silent Swords ramps up in difficulty rather quickly and the controls do take some getting use to but I love stealth games. It’s a little like being Sam Fisher with a sword (for all my nerdy game players in the house. Hollaaa!!).

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