Radio Flyer Wagons

A long long time ago, I mentioned to you how I don’t have modern radio. Well, I have radio- it’s just from the year 1938 so it gets old rather quickly. You’re probably saying to yourself, what does he do and how could he possibly live without radio?! To put your mind at ease I’ll let you in on a little secret. You see, Muffins talks in his sleep. The veterinarian said it’s nothing unusual and I shouldn’t worry, so I’m OK with it. Yeah it gets a little annoying when I’ve had too much coffee and can’t sleep but for the most part, I don’t mind at all. The other day I realized I could actually use Muffin’s midnight chattering to my advantage. So for the past week and a half I’ve been setting a tape recorder next to Muffin’s pillow at night. Now when I’m out driving in my van I actually have something to listen to! I just pop the tape in my tape deck and cruise down the street. My friends don’t necessarily like it and I actually got stabbed once by a hitchhiker I picked up off of Route 38. He was telling me how gas prices have gone up and that he lost his job, yet, I’m the crazy one for listening to my cat’s meowing in his sleep. Crazy bastard.

Woxy Radio (iTunes) is flip flappin’ fantastic (say whaaaa?!). It’s basically internet radio on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Yeah…I don’t give a rats ass, you say? Well, I’ve seldom come across a song I didn’t like on Woxy. They play songs you may or may not have heard before and that’s what makes this app so damn cool. I’ve learned there are almost a thousand bands better than the Jonas Brothers. That’s right, just like you, I thought only the Jonas Brothers were the only good band left*. Until I gave Woxy a good try and believe you me…it’s true. The fact that most of the bands they play aren’t even on your regular radio station makes this app worth trying. It’s free so DO IT!

AppAttack :D

*For the record, I never have nor ever will like the Jonas Brothers.

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