All My Ex’s Live…Somewhere Else

My X Girlfriend (sadly, I can’t say iTunes because this app comes and goes depending on what mood Apple is in at the moment) was/is(?) an application in which you can send in pictures of your ex-girlfriend. The majority of what I’ve seen are fairly raunchy but not anything too nasty like you’d find with the Internet app (*cough*cough*). For example:

Not too bad, eh? I will warn you and say some are actually pretty racy but what do you expect with an application solely designed to embarrass your ex? My one and only complaint I have with this app is that the developers refuse to publish pictures I’ve sent in of my ex-girlfriend. For example, they sent me an email saying, “Dear Sir. We will not publish a picture of a chair but thank you.” Or another one I sent where my girl was in the shower and looking pretty damn hot along with another one where she was shaving her legs, the idiots replied, “Dear Sir. Why did you take a picture of a running shower? And why fill up your bathtub with no one in it?”. Stupid morons. This one picture I have of my ex was taken just after we “got busy”…it was HOT! Again, the numb nuts replied to my email with, “Dear Sir. Your bedroom looks awfully clean. We’re glad you know how to make your bed”. You know, come to think of it…I’ve never had a girlfriend. Hmm.

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