Price Check On Isle 3

RedLaser (iTunes) is flip flappin’ fantastic. Flip flappin’ fantastic? Yes! Flip flappin’ fantastic. Go ahead and use this phrase whenever you’re around your buddies. I heard some kids saying it the other day at Target so it’s one of those “up and coming” cool phrases that everyone’s going to be using soon. Kind of like the word “sick”. You heard it here first folks. RedLaser is simply an application that allows you to scan barcodes and get different prices from the internet on products. I have an iPhone 3GS and it works incredibly flip flappin’ fantastically well. My only problem is that it doesn’t necessarily work with my old iPhone (1st generation) that I gave to my grandma. I guess it’s not really a problem but it’s certainly a small complaint my grandmother has with the application. Usually around the middle of the month I get an allowance from grandma for being such a sweet grandson (i.e. picking up empty vodka bottles, putting out unsmoked cigarettes and making sure she has a blanket when and wherever she decides to pass out). The only catch is that I have to walk to the local liquor store and buy her a box of vodka (basically, I get to keep the change. Sucks, yeah, but it’s money). Me being a boy genius, I try to find the best, cheapest deal of vodka so that I have more money to spend on Pork-N-Beans. Well, grandma has wised up to my creative ways and now she scans the barcodes to see how much of a deal I made. Whenever she catches me buying the super cheap stuff I have to dress up like a monkey and play spoons at her weekly bridge party. Sucks.

AppAttack :D

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