Brian Owes Me Money

I’m sure you guys remember me saying that I’m not much of a sports fan? Well, I’ve decided that I need to be one in order to fulfill my destiny of owning a penis. Am I right? As a male, I think doing “manly” things like watching sports is something that is a necessity and not something to merely pass the time. I’ve mentioned this to my friends and I guess they take me for a complete and total idiot. You see, the other day my friend Brian and I were chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool and shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school hanging out. We both have the same iPhone’s with the same cases so one could very easily mistaken them for their own. I don’t really believe this, but it could happen. Anyways, Brian mistakenly downloaded two applications on my phone, believing he was doing so on his own phone.

Break The Book (iTunes) is a pretty sweet app that lets you place bets on professional sports games. You can bet on the Spread, Over/Under and the Money Line. Michael, please explain all of this you demand. HELL NO! This means absolutely nothing to me. I’ve never been a big sports fan much less bet on any games. But because I never say no to danger put my phone down for less than 5 minutes, I thought I’d give it a shot. And I ended up having horrible luck on the games I bet on but, I did end up winning one out of pure coincidence.

I tried using all of the little numbers the app provides and just “going with it” and I would have won enough money to supply grandma with a weeks worth of vodka…had I actually placed a bet. I’m gonna give it a shot again this weekend and hopefully, I’ll figure it all out. It’s fun to place bets and make invisible wages if you consider yourself easily amused like I do, so you may wanna give it a shot.

Another app my dear friend Brian took upon himself to download on my phone was ESPN Radio (iTunes). It does what it’s name implies…plays sports radio broadcasts. To me, again, this is useless. But to some, it may be pure gold. If I was an avid sports fan and wanted to listen to a game I can’t get in my neighborhood, this application is perfect. I’ve even found that I enjoy hearing what them “big city folk” are listening to. You see, in my neck of the woods, we only get broadcasts from 1938. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pry a shotgun from my dear sweet grandmother’s hands each time The War of The Worlds is broadcasted. I can have a perfect day at work doing Kate Beckinsale’s gardening only to come home to my grandmother standing on the kitchen table, shotgun in hand with a metal pot almost covering her entire face ordering me to “pray to whatever tentacle alien god” I believe in to “save me from the venomous wrath of her 3rd arm of destruction” (I assume she means her shotgun when she says this. I’ve asked her sober and she just mumbles something about spaghetti and why Nascar reminds her of Halloween. I don’t know.). If you like sports or are simply tired of listening to the same crap on the radio, check it out.

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