Hey dudes and dudettes!! How’s it hangin’ (or hiding…whichever you choose. Or choose not to accept, Timothy. You were born a boy so ADMIT IT, DAMMIT! Don’t make Thanksgiving suck like you did last year you little prick). I’m sorry. Sometimes I spill my family sorrows on this website and I don’t mean to. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that there will be some fun changes coming to this website in the very near future. Don’t get too excited and wet yourself (Timothy) but I think you’ll like what I’m cooking. Until then, how about a review?

I found the above photo in an app called Astronomy Picture of the Day (iTunes). If I have to explain that to you, you’re a complete idiot and I ask that you leave this site at once. And don’t forget your shoes…they smell funny and I don’t like them. What’s great about the above picture is that it’s as if the Cosmos is giving you the finger. As if to say, “Hey check this shit out with your little telescopes you silly impotent human. HA HA HAAA!!!”. The app is free so be sure and grab it if you like feeling small and inferior. Some of the photographs are truly stunning.

AppAttack :D

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