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We Got the Beat

If you haven’t already picked the South By Southwest (SXSW) sampler in iTunes yet, do so NOW (iTunes link). I don’t know how long it will be FREE so jump on it! I haven’t come across one crappy song yet (highlights being “Post Break-up Sex” by The Vaccines and “Another Like You” by Hayes Caril. I also really like “Mirrorage” by Glasser). It’s a huge mix of different styles, similar I assume to listening to the radio nowadays (I can’t remember the last time I actually sat and listened to a radio station. Do they even make those anymore?). So go give it a spin and thank me later.


AppAttack :-D

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I awoke this morning to find an envelope glued to my windshield. Literally. Someone took the time to write a letter, stick it in an envelope, place glue on one side of it, and attach it to my windshield. No placing it behind my windshield wiper, no using a simple 1 inch square of Scotch tape, just glue. Plain old Elmer’s glue. The letter read:



Extra! Extra!

A few days ago, Grandma was asked by her bridge party to create a monthly newsletter. Cheryl, the president of the bridge party, had asked that I keep an eye on what Grandma was writing about, and that I proofread her work. I gladly accepted the parental duties and secretly read what she had written in her notebook late at night, after she had gone to bed.


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