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Miss Universe 2009

Having your own website can be awesome at times. Because you can slowly start a cultural revolution by changing one person at a time? No. Because you can bring sunshine and rainbows to a sad person’s face? No. Stop asking questions and let me explain what I mean, dammit. Having your own website can allow other’s to hear your voice. Let me explain further…



If you visit this site often, looking forward to riotous laughter each and every day, then I apologize. Lately, there hasn’t been anything worth writing about. Well, the last couple of days there seems to be more and more apps coming out so I’m not completely being honest. What I’d like to say is that I know what it’s like when you check on a website to see if anything new has come about, only to be disappointed when the dumbass website owner hasn’t done shit. Bare with me. I have a pretty nice article I’m working on that I hope to have out by this weekend. What that means is that if I were you, I would come back tomorrow. Go ahead and spend today digging around your other favorite websites. See? What other website tells you that there won’t be anything new for a little while? That’s iPhoneAppAttack for ya…leading the World Wide Web in new and revolutionary ways. Just watch…other websites will take my lead.

AppAttack :D

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