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I’ve told you all before how I’m “not all there”, if you know what I mean. This may be my most personal post yet, but I feel it adequate enough to get my point across.

To Tweet Or…Screw Your Sister


“Not To Tweet” doesn’t apply here, folks. Tweeting is my most recent obsession (besides shaving Vanilla Ice like designs on squirrels heads) and it should be yours as well. I often receive emails saying, “Michael, I wake up covered in goo sometimes during the night. Is something wrong with me?”. I also get a few emails telling me, “What up homeslice?! I tried Twitter and that shit is lame. I’ll no longer be following whatever the hell you’re doing but I’ll definitely be reading your site, where I can find all the latest news regarding all things app related!” (yes, I added a little to it, but hey, sometimes lying makes you feel better about yourself). Many people try to tweet and then abandon it altogether. SO, I’ve decided to offer some advice for those new to the world of Twitter.



Going to Austin


Yeah…I know, very unoriginal title. As I write this in my Superman underwear (morning Dr. Pepper in hand) my bags still need to be packed but as your friend and faithful lover (hey ladies ;) ) I wanted to let you know that I’m headed to Austin for a few days. If any of you will be at SXSW this coming week, email/tweet me and maybe we can meet up for a beer or something. I’ll have my trusty laptop with me so if a new app comes out that you must have, of course you’ll hear it from me first. As for now, I’m looking forward to getting out of town and hearing some new music. Hope you guys are all doing fantastic and I’ll be tweeting ya soon!! Take care!!

A Game That Needs No Review




Shoulda Woulda Coulda


Most likely because “funny” has left me at the moment, I haven’t been able to blog. “But Michael, you were never funny to begin with…what’s the problem?!” Ha. Ha. I usually have a small gap in my day where I can sit and think of something ridiculously funny/stupid and then jot it down quickly in my Touch notebook (I’ve tried all the notebook apps and honestly, the simple yellow pad with crappy Marker Felt(?) font is my favorite). Lately, I’ve been incredibly busy at work and by the end of the day would rather drink a few beers and cry myself to sleep, instead of write a review over some app I’ve recently downloaded. “But Michael, this the #1 website I check daily to get the most recent iPhone related news and all things app related”. You fucking liar. Anyways, what I’m trying to tell you is that for today, I’m going to tell you two stories I had tried turning into comical gold, but ended up with nothing. Consider these “B-sides” to the usual funny ideas I try to come up with.


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