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Childhood Memories of Taxes


I really don’t even need to talk about Crayon Physics Deluxe. You’ve heard about it from other, more in-depth websites so you most likely have it…or not. I’m on level 17 myself and now, thanks to the recent update, it’s much more enjoyable to play.



Stealing From Family


Super Broker


Alright. I don’t normally dig around on Youtube. Unless there’s a funny cat video or some guy gets hit in his penis and scrotum, I never spend time there. My brother however, is “hip” to the latest funny crap that can be found on the World Wide Web. I’m for some reason, behind the times. (Maybe I’m just getting old or I simply need to spend more time in front of a computer?) The above video is hilarious…I don’t know where it came from but I wonder where those people are today? I can imagine when one of them fucked up during the shoot, an entire eruption of nerdiness came forward. “Donald you ass!! You’re rhythm is all wrong…let’s take it from the top people!!” And they respond in unison, “AWWWWWW!!”. It’s a helluva long video but if you need a good laugh, check it out.

100 and Subtracting


I generally wake up early Thursday mornings to make mud pies in my grandmother’s front yard. It’s a little something I’ve enjoyed doing since I was 22 years old. Grandma says I make the best tasting mud pies compared to all the neighborhood children. If she actually eats them, I don’t know. She generally takes one from me, mumbles something, then wobbles downstairs to the basement with a bottle of vodka. 



As previously mentioned, I spent a few years back working at PetSmart. Removing strands of feces from goldfish anus isn’t the most pleasant memory I have working there, but I’ll never forget the day I met Alan, a white long-haired hamster with odd pink/red eyes. 



Philip Revisited (Update)


Awhile back I shared with you the secret fetish of my childhood friend Philip. At least once every two months since that post, I receive an email asking me about him and his Garfield loving ways.

Find This NOW!


I almost feel bad telling you about this but, if you haven’t already, get your ass into iTunes and pick up Find Your Mind (or just click on the highlighted name to the left and I’ll lead you there). It’s free for a limited time so do it while you can. The reason I say I feel bad for telling you about this is because, I honestly think the developer of this application should be getting paid for their hard work. It’s a really fun, somewhat difficult game that’s well polished overall and addicting. I would almost donate via PayPal 99 cents if they asked me to. If they happen to raise the price any time soon, I would still recommend you buy it. I’ve had a blast with it and I enjoy the music…she kinda grows on you like a drunk girl singing along to your radio. Grab it while you can my dear friend! 


AppAttack :D  

Spontaneous Clicker


I’ve told you many times that I think I have ADD. So much so, that I’ve diagnosed myself with having it, not seeing any doctor or anything like that…I simply decided one day to tell myself that I have ADD. At first I was shocked and then I began wondering how rock candy was made and forgot about the whole thing.



Seeing Stars


About two summers ago I decided that I would get into the amazing world of astronomy. I’ve always had a love for Space and have been eternally curious as to “what’s out there?”. More so for the whole alien/extraterrestrial theories but none the less, space is where “they” are so I wanna see it.



Chess With You Guys

It’s times like these I wish I had more readers…besides my Grandma and Muffins. My name is “KingKill33″ in the game “Chess With Friends”. So if you’re playing against me, speak up. There’s some damn fine players out there I wish I could talk to. (For followers, I have several reviews I need to share with you so stay tuned…what’s the deal with “work”?! Who needs it?!! ;) ). I’ll post more soon…until then, fellow chess players: keep up the ass kicking :D

Weird Science


As you can see, I rarely give any application what iPhone Gaming International Magazine* calls the “dreaded AppNapp :(  review” most developers fear. Why? Because many developers work hard on their applications and it’d be mean to tell them how shitty it is. Sure, it’d be truthful, but it’d also be mean.



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