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If you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ve learned about the tragic, yet fortunate, saga of Don Windlespoon. A leading professor at La Sierra University in Riverside California, Don was misfortunately shipwrecked on the abandoned island of Mockwallia, located 200 miles off the coast of Honolulu.

What Up, Gangsta?


If you enjoy raping horses, hearing knock knock jokes from 5th graders and reveling in the fact that everyone on the morning commute is suffering from the silent fart you just released, then you’ll absolutely love iMafia. It’s yet another mafia game that involves you completing tasks and collecting weapons along with real estate and a nice bank account. There’s a tutorial to help you in the beginning which is a plus. It’s free so pick it up!! And add me to your mafia if ya want to…I’m still trying to figure it all out, though. My name is KingKill33 (taken from the song King Kill ;) ).

AppAttack :D  

Doll House


Now that I’m a young, hip bachelor, I have to say that the single life hasn’t been too bad so far. Sure, it’s a different pace of life than I’m use to but I can’t say I don’t like it. For example, here’s what an average day in my life looks like:



Screw. It.


This entire past week I’ve been trying to come up with a clever way to tell you about the time my friend Andy got caught masturbating. Each time I write, it’s either a damn book or it’s a little too offensive (yes, even I have standards).

Girls Go To Mars


Last week, me and my girlfriend of 4 and 1/2 years decided to breakup. We both agreed our relationship wasn’t going anywhere and it’d be best if we parted. I wanted a monkey that I could teach how to throw shit at guests and she wanted marriage. Apples and oranges.

Chick In The Notebook Was Hot


There’s an application that came with your phone you may or may not use on a daily basis. “That shit is whack, yo! The only app I need these days is Wobble!!!”, you retort as you get your jiggle on.

Hey!! You Developer!!


The biggest fuss right now in the world of apps is “promo codes”. Websites toss’em out like zoo’s toss out koala bears (alright…zoos don’t hand out any animal that I’m aware of. I wish they did. I’d like a cheetah…can you imagine walking around with a cheetah?! You could put sunglasses on him and the neighborhood kids would think you’re the shit). My new idea is that if you’re a developer (and of course if you want to) send me a promo code. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I’d rather buy your app and support it if you’re an “underdog” than for you to just give me something you’ve worked hard on. In return, I’ll use your app as a source of inspiration for my Nobel Prize worthy reflections on life. I’ll also offer the promo code to one of my 12 readers so that they’ll continue donating to all of the sponsors on this site. Kinda like how I pay my friends in beers to hangout with me. Peachy?

Dear Diary


Most of you are aware that I’ve become a huge fan of Twitter recently. It’s somewhat sad…I check my Twitter account more so than my mail, Facebook or even Muffins’ litterbox. I’ve truly enjoyed hearing what trials and tribulations developers have been going through creating their apps. It’s also been a useful tool in finding out what updates are coming and even release dates for certain games I’ve been keeping an eye on.



The Sopranos…


…was the all time best running show on television I have ever watched. And the only thing it has to do with this post is that Tony was in the mob and there’s a game called iMob you need to pick up. It’s somewhat similar but not anywhere close to Loot Wars, a game I’ve been playing almost every day since it’s release. My dear Twitter friends ChillerONE and Kurasu (follow’em…they’re awesome!) helped me discover this game. And as of now, the game needs some pretty big updates to get it just right. But I say pick it up, because it has the potential of being a really fun multiplayer game. (I know, I know…there’s another game I thought had great potential but I was wrong. Maybe this time I’ll be right?). It’s one of those games to keep on your phone so when the update comes, you’ll be set to go. For those playing:

My name in the game is: kingkill33

And my friend code is: 100337680

(While looking through iMob, I also realized my friend flooberz is also on our team of tough guys…follow him as well! They’re all great friends!! And please feel free to email me your friend code if you want!!)

Doctor Strange


Having seen two episodes of General Hospital (back in 1987), I felt deep down inside my heart that working in the medical field was something I would enjoy doing. Not only to help those in need, but my chances of scoring with a hot nurse would increase by 75%…at least.

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